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I´m a Swedish visual artist living in the Apennine Mountains, Emilia Romagna, Italy.

Nature, Dreams and Fairytales are my inspiration making Art.

Oil painting on canvas, mounted on a wall in a decorative painted portal, hight 285 cm

Isola Maggiore al Lago Trasimeno

Umbria 2009

Boel Wanjeskog's imagery moves across the borders of dream and reality in landscapes with animals, vegetation and symbols. Illusory effects and decorative painting techniques are common features in her paintings.

Boel uses oil, acrylic and watercolour and also older painting techniques which she applies as a decorative painter. From her sketch books she formulates ideas and has further inspiration for her artwork.

Detail from the big oil painting above.

Boel shows her art at exhibitions and in her studio, according to agreement.

She also paints on comission.

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