Artworks for Sale

Artworks for sale

Four Seasons

From my new serie of abstract paintings created in 2020

Acrylic paintings on MDF boards

30x30 cm


Acrylic painting

on MDF board

30x30 cm

BoelArt Diary April 25 2020

You have the shapes and colours of nature within yourself, as an abstract symphony of variation, like music. The colours and shapes of your outer and inner world are wonderful and liberating! You are one with art, nature and your inner peace. I sit under the cherry tree and the petals is falling. How short is the trees blooming time in the spring! In front of me in the distance I see Monte Cimone's snow peak. I’m totally present at the moment. Then I go down the slope and into my studio. Just have painted tre abstract pieces of art with the colors of spring, my first abstract designs in a series of paintings inspired by the colours of the seasons. My favorite colours are the bright spring’s. I’m an Aries. After previous years of representational art painting I have created something completely different. During the lockdown Corona February-April 2020, a spring we will always remember and talk about, I have spent my time studying and meditating in addition to painting. Exploring life and making the art sometimes seems like walking on an adventurous path.

Secret Garden. Life Tree. Transformation

Acrylic paintings on MDF boards

120x60 cm

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